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Attractive Automation is India's Largest and trusted 5D/, 6D, 7D movie theater, Haunted House and XD Ride manufacturer.We provide services 24x7 hours . Our installation has been done in various city some of are :- Orbit Adventure 7D Theater 16 ,First Floor ERA MALL,Meerut (U.P.) , Royal 6D 2nd Floor , Cross Roads Mall, Dehradun (U.K.) and some more has been created successfully and running very well at the present scenario.
                    XD RIDE

Attractive Automation is India's fast growing manufacturer of 5D/7D theaters. and With indigenous, 5D/6D/7D/11D installs and operates The simulation effects are so enthralling in these theaters that the viewers get completely immersed in the addictive cinematic experience and attractive seats effects and environment effects and music.
Turn any location into a real time motion theater ride with the XD RIDE, a true 3D to 6D motion simulated thrill ride that transcends time, space and imagination, with our unique and cost effective project, you wont have to compromise your standards for successful entertainment, customer satisfaction and unparalleled instant profitability, with a ROI (Return On Investment) from just 3 to 8 months from of installation.
Attractive Automation is India's Largest and trusted Haunted House manufacturer. We have all Animatronics, Props, Pneumatics, Scary Sound System, Scary Light System, Many types of Scary Effects and Instruments. Our reliability fast customer support and services our goal 100% satisfaction our all projects is instant profitability, with a ROI (Return On Investment).
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